Welcome to Basement Science

Welcome all to Basement Science,

Hello, this is Ben Washington and you are reading our blog of Basement Science. I say “our” because I hope for you to perform your own research as well. We are a fledgling research group but with great potential. We have just been initiated to Scienceblog and are thrilled about the upcoming wonderful blogging experience.

The heart of this communication is the belief that real science does not require a University or laboratory named after someone famous. Research and discovery is right at our fingertips and can be found even in our basements (when paired with some hard work). After all, many scientists before us had little more than an interests and determined will.

Currently, we are chronicling the construction of our wind tunnel in order to perform tests in fluid mechanics and perhaps some aeronautics. Build your own, offer suggestions, or follow along as we conduct Basement Science.

Best Regards,
Ben Washington


Alright, a little disclaimer. Research can be very expensive, which is why you get labs named after famous, and often wealthy, people/companies. This is fine and good and where a lot of grad students, like myself, find themselves. So, this research group will avail ourselves to that research which can be done inexpensively. I study mechanical engineering, so most of this work will be in that realm of study and can be built with mainly wood or what can be found at Home Depot and using only typical shop tools. No National Ignition Facility here, but we sure can build a lot of other things. Lets get to work.

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