Time for an Interesting Photo: Tree consumes Fence

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Its time to share another interesting photo. These interesting sights are often rare occurrences, because you must come across something interesting and have a camera with you. Also, you must be attentive enough of your surroundings to notice them. Well, I came across this sight, was very interested, and then returned with a camera.  Walking around the downtown of my city, I stumbled on a cluster of trees who had learned the art of sharing, and shared their same space with a fence. What great models of friendliness and amazing display of biology:

Yes, this fence is inside the tree. Here is a closer photo.

Close up

The tree grew in such a fashion to absorb the fence. The fence is inside the tree! The pattern on the bark, I presume, is the scars from growing around the fence. Okay, if this is too hard for you to believe, perhaps you are thinking, “No, the fence is probably broken!” Well, I have proof. Here is the fence inside another tree viewed through a hole.


In one side, out the other. I am just amazed, dumbfounded. What an incredible ability to adapt. What an amazing display of the flexibility of life. These trees have an ability that I did not previously think possible. I am not sure if I could grow with a fence inside of me. Here are a few other trees who are also sharing space with the fence.

This next one is an example of the early growth process. It has not yet enveloped the fence, but likely will as it grows. You can see it is already twisted through the links.
Wow. I think this is so cool and interesting. I am a sucker for trees because they are so majestic and beautiful, but growing through and consuming a fence is a new one for me. The way life may adapt and survive is amazing. I think this type of amazing behavior is worth our time, wonder, and discussion. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing behavior of trees or other plants.

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  1. Amazing pictures, I am always amazed when you see a tiny little seedling breaking through solid concrete – can’t bet against nature in a battle vs man made structures. Like a slo-mo day of the Triffids!

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