Mission Statement: Basement Science

Hello Folks,

I call myself Ben Washington. I have initiated this blog to record my personal executions into science. I call this Basement Science, since my experiments and investigations are conducted in my free time and in my home.

This is not a new or unique phenomenon, but inspiration comes out of my own genuine interest and following the example of many who have come before me. For instance, John Harrison was a carpenter’s son and self taught in mechanics. Through is own independent study and work developed the first accurate seaworthy clock, solving a centuries old problem of determining longitude at sea. The story is a little more complicated, but that is the gist.  http://www.amazon.com/Longitude-Genius-Greatest-Scientific-Problem/dp/0140258795

I believe we may still follow his example. Let us seek answers, build our own devices, and create solutions even in our own homes. I call this Basement Science.

Best Regards,
Ben Washington